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mehr Infos zum Veranstalter und zum Hintergrund des Sindelfinger Projekts "UTOPIA STATION SINDELFINGEN"):

mehr Infos zum Projekt "UTOPIA STATION" (erste Station war die Biennale 2003 in Venedig):

Besprechung der zweiten "UTOPIA STATION" in München 2003:

mehr Infos zu Molly Nesbit:



900 West End Avenue, #2E
New York, New York 10025
tel. 212-864-5154; fax -864-0094


Minerva Deland Senior High School, Fairport, New York: Regents' diploma, 1970
Vassar College: B. A. with Honors, 1974
Yale University: M. A., 1976; M. Phil., 1977; Ph. D., 1983


"The Studio Paintings of William Merritt Chase," Senior thesis, Vassar College, 1973
"Atget's Book, L'Art dans le Vieux Paris," M.A. thesis, Yale University, 1976
Atget's Seven Albums, in practice, Ph. D. thesis, Yale University, 1983


Gertrude Buttenweiser Prins Prize for Art History, Vassar College, 1974
Phi Beta Kappa, Vassar College, 1974
Yale University Fellowship, 1974-1977
Georges Lurcy Fellowship, l977-l978
American Association of University Women Fellowship for Dissertation Work, 1979-1980
Frances Blanshard Fellowship Prize for the Most Distinguished Dissertation in Art
History, Yale University, 1983
Faculty Travel Grant for Summer Research, Barnard College, summer 1984
Faculty Travel Grant for Summer Research, Barnard College, summer 1986
Fellow at the Shelby Cullom Davis Center of Historical Studies, Transmission of Culture Seminar, Princeton University, 1986-1987
Spencer Foundation Award, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1986-1987
Faculty Travel Grant for Summer Research, Barnard College, summer 1988
Getty Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1988-1989
Durning Lawrence Lecturer, University College, London, 1991
Faculty Travel Grant for Summer Research, Barnard College, summer 1989
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow, 1991-1992
Getty Scholar, The Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, 1992-1993
Governors' Award, Yale University Press, for Atget's Seven Albums, 1993
Faculty Research Grant, Vassar College, 1994
Faculty Research Grant, Vassar College, 1995
Faculty Research Grant, Vassar College, 1996
Faculty Research Grant, Vassar College, 1997
Faculty Development Grant from the Luce Committee, Vassar College, 1998
Faculty Research Grant, Vassar College, 1999
Faculty Research Grant, Vassar College, 2000


Yale University, 1976-1977: Teaching Assistant to Robert Herbert, Robert Lehman
Professor of the History of Art
Yale University, summer 1977: Research Assistant to the Société Anonyme Collection
University of California, Berkeley, 1981-1983: Visiting Lecturer, Department of the History of Art
The Johns Hopkins University, spring 1990: Isaac Rosen Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of the History of Art
Yale University, fall 1990: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of the History of Art
University College, London, l990-1991: Durning-Lawrence Professor of the History Art.
Barnard College and Columbia University, 1983-1992: Assistant Professor, Department of Art History and Archaeology
New York University, spring 1997: Visiting Professor, Draper Program in Liberal Studies
University of Michigan, fall 1999: Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of the History of Art
Yale University, spring 2001: Visiting Professor, Department of the History of Art
Vassar College, 1993- : Professor, Department of Art


Member of the College Art Association, 1981-
Member of the panel convened to study the current state of art history, chaired by Oleg Grabar, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, October 29, 1987
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, The Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities, published by the Yale Law School, 1987-98
Member of the University Seminar on Modernism and Modernity, chaired by Andreas Huyssen and Rosalind Krauss, Columbia University, 1993-1997
Contributing Editor, Artforum, 1994-
Member of the Seminar on Visual Signification in Urban Culture, chaired by Linda Nochlin, Richard Sennett, and Marvin Trachtenberg, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, 1995-1997
Member of the Awarding Commmittee for the Social Science Research Council and American Council of Learned Societies International Dissertation Field Research Fellowships, 1997-2000
Member of the Comité d'Honneur, Etants donnés, 1997-
Member of the Advisory Board, October, 2000-
Member of the Advisory Board, Institute of Visual Culture, Cambridge University,
Cambridge, England, 2001-
Member of the Advisory Committee for Conferences and Lectures, The Drawing
Center, New York, 2001-


Lecture Courses:

The Avant-Gardes, 1889-1929
Modern Art and the Mass Media, 1929-1968
The Times, 1968 to the present
The City and the Country in French Painting, 1860-1890

Undergraduate Seminars:

Photographs and Books [Theories of Photography in the Twentieth Century]
Duchamp's Work
Modernism and Sexuality: Matisse and Picasso
Modernism in Montparnasse
Consumption and Surrealism
The Late Duchamp
The World Picture

Graduate Seminars:

The French Body, a cultural history
Avant-garde Practice in Paris, 1900-1914
The Publication of the Work of Art
The Compound Difference
The Late Duchamp
The World Picture


"Reading Rooms: Atget's Album, Intérieurs parisiens," College Art Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D. C., January 1979
"Hopper's Pictures and Emptiness," University Extension Symposium, University of California, Berkeley, January 1982
"Atget's Documents as a Matter of Value," College Art Association Annual Meeting, New York, February 1982
"Looking at Atget's Photographs," San Francisco Art Institute, Summer Photography Lecture Series, June 1982
"Commencement Address," Department of Art, University of California, Berkeley, June 1982
"Atget's Nature," San Francisco Museum of Art, April 1983
"Atget's Nature," Porter College, University of California, Santa Cruz, May 1983
"Atget's Second Nature," Columbia University, December 1983
"Atget's Second Nature," Department of Art History, Princeton University, April 1984
"Atget's Trees," Amy M. Sacker Memorial Lecture, Mount Holyoke College, April 1984
Panel member, The Politics of Representation, with Leon Golub, John Bird, Benjamin Buchloh and Martha Wilson, Department of Art, Rutgers University, April 1984
Chairman of session, The Common Photograph , with papers given by Elizabeth Anne McCauley, David Freund, Sally Stein and Victor Burgin and responses by Martha Rosler,James Clifford and Abigail Solomon-Godeau, College Art Association Annual Meeting Los Angeles, February 1985
"La seconde nature d'Atget,"Colloque Atget, organized by the Ministère de la Culture, Collège de France,
Paris, June 1985
"Readymade Originals: the Duchamp Model," given as part of the symposium organized by Rosalind Krauss, Repetition as Originality: a Challenge to Art History?, College Art Association Annual Meeting, New York, February 1986
"What Was An Author?" Interpretations of History, Lecture Series, International Center for Photography, New York, March 25, l986
"Atget's Nature," Department of Art History, Washington Square, New York University, May 6, 1986
"The Language of Industry," presented to the Transmission of Culture Seminar, Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies, Princeton University, February 13, 1987
"Atget's Commerce," University Day, University of Rochester, February 25, l987
"Atget's Commerce," Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, September 30, l987
"The Body in the Line," presented at Marcel Duchamp: A Centennial Colloquium chaired by Thierry de Duve, sponsored by the Novia Scotia College of Art and Design and by the Collège International de Philosophie, Halifax, October 1-3, l987
Respondent to the panel organized by Rosalind Krauss, Surrealism's Construction of the Subject, College Art Association Annual Meeting, Houston, February 1988
"Atget's Commerce," Department of Art History, University of Chicago,
February 17, l988
"The Body in the Line," Department of Art History, Northwestern University,
February 18, l988
"The Body in the Line," The Culture and Politics Study Group of the Center for European Studies and the Fine Arts Student Association, Harvard University, March 4, l988
"The Body in the Line," La Maison Française, Columbia University, April 13, l988
"Chip and Veil," presented at the symposium organized by Leo Marx in conjunction with the exhibition Three on Technology: New Photographs by Robert Cumming, Lee Friedlander and Jan Groover, List Visual Arts Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 7, l988
"The Body in the Line," Courtauld Institute of Art, London, March 7, l989
"The Body in the Line," Parsons School of Art in Paris, March 14, l989
Chairman of session, Liberating Vision, with papers given by Hal Foster, Jonathan Crary and Jay Bochner and a response by Rosalind Krauss, Revolutions 1889-1989, International Colloquium for the Twentieth Century French Studies Annual Meeting, Columbia University, March 30, '89
"Everyday Conclusions," presented on the panel organized by Mason Klein, Rethinking Duchamp: Critical Approaches in the 1980s , School of Visual Arts, New York, November 9, 1989
"Un coup de vieux: le postmoderne présenté du point de vue de la photographie," A propos du 150e anniversaire de la photographie, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, January 8, 1990
"The Picture of Ignorance," Department of the History of Art, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, February 9, 1990
"In the Absence of the Parisienne..." presented at the conference, Sexuality and Space, School of Architecture, Princeton University, March 10-11, 1990
"La langue de l'industrie," presented at the conference organized by Benjami Buchloh, Langage et Modernité, l'Institut d'Art Contemporain de Lyon-Villeurbanne, June 22-23, 1990
"The Rat's Ass," presented on the panel organized by Rosalind Krauss and Annette Michelson, "High/Low": Art and Mass Culture, Dia Center for the Arts, November 3, 1990
Chair and respondent to the panel organized by Burton Peretti, French and American Culture in the 1910s and 1920s, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, November 4, 1990
The Durning Lawrence lectures, University College, London, May 1991
"Pablo Bovary," presented on the panel organized by Ulrich Keller, Photography in Print, XXVIIIth International Congress of the History of Art, Berlin, July 17, 1992
"Life Is Beautiful Now (the installation by Hilton Als and Darryl A. Turner at Simon Watson Gallery, April 1990)," Hôtel des Arts, Paris, October 26,1992 as part of the exhibition, Génériques
"Pablo Bovary," Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, March 12, 1993.
"In Advance of the Readymade," Henry Moore Trust Lecture series, University of Leeds, May 10, 1994
"His Common Sense," Architectural Association, London, May 31, 1994
"Work That Body," panel discussion organized by Kendall Thomas, American Center,
Paris, June 25, 1994
"Her Words," in conjunction with the exhibition Duchamp's Leg, Walker Art Center,
Minneapolis, November 8, 1994
"Her Words (New Notes by Marcel Duchamp and Walter Arensberg)," Columbia University Seminar on Modernism and Modernity, March 6, 1995
"Reality Workshop," with Jonathan Caplan and Cerith Evans, Architectural
Association, London, June 13, 1995
Respondent to the panel "Politics and the Object: Strategic Discourses and Interpretive Frames" in the symposium Critical Reflexivity and Visual Culture:
Method as Object organized by the art history graduate students at the CUNY
Graduate Center, April 26, 1996
"Art in the Wake of Words: Darryl Turner's video, Continent Incontinent, of
James Clifford's Claflin Lecture, 'Diasporas,'" The Modern Art Museum
of Fort Worth, October 1, 1996
"Duchamp at the Movies," Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio November 20, 1996
"Duchamp at the Movies," in the symposium Marcel Duchamp and Rethinking the Creative Act, organized by William Camfield, Rice University Houston, March 22, 1997
"Duchamp at the Movies," MIT, History Theory, Criticism Program, School of Architecture, April 3, 1997
"First Sight," in the symposium Picasso, Cubism and Collage organized by Christine Poggi at the Philadelphia Museum, April 5, 1997
"Duchamp at the Movies," Deutsches Haus, Columbia University, April 10, 1997
"The Delay," in the conference Time and the Image, organized by University College London,
the Tate Gallery, and L'Institut Français, May 30, 1997
Moderator for the artists' panel organized by Donna De Salvo in conjunction with her exhibition Staging Surrealism, Wexner Center, October 30, 1997
"Duchamp's Last Words," in the seminar organized by Norman Bryson and Ewa Lajer-Burcharth at the Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Harvard University, December 4, 1997
"Dernières Paroles (Rilke, Wittgenstein)(Duchamp), one of a series of lectures given on the work of Marcel Duchamp at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, May 5, 1998
"Last Words (Rilke, Wittgenstein)(Duchamp)," Department of the History of Art, University of Michigan, October 30, 1998
"Outside Cubism," keynote address for the Philadelphia Symposium on the History of Art, sponsored by Bryn Mawr College and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, March 26, 1999
"The Immigrant," part of Self and History: a Symposium in Honor of Linda Nochlin, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, April 17, 1999
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"Walkaround Time," in the symposium Marcel Duchamp/Jasper Johns, organized by Joachim Pissarro at the Yale University Art Gallery, February 26, 2000
"The Tempest," Goldsmiths' College, London, March 16, 2000
"Water Falls," The Phyllis Wattis Distinguished Lecture, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, April 25, 2000
Workshop with Benjamin Buchloh on the History of Photography, organized by Michael Roth, Getty Research Institute, May 30, 2000
Panel discussion with Benjamin Buchloh and Gabriel Orozco on the occasion of Orozco's exhibition at the Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City, October 4, 2000
"More," keynote address to the symposium, Surviving the Photograph, organized by Stuart Burrows and Daniel Novak, Departments of English, German and Art and Archaeology, Princeton University, October 20, 2000
Discussion with Gabriel Orozco on the occasion of his exhibition at the MARCO Monterrey, Mexico, February 24, 2001
"Composition for Strings: Orozco, Marker, Duchamp, Cage," for the symposium Photography in the Post-Medium Age, organized by Briony Fer and Margaret Iversen at the Tate Modern, June 29, 2001
"Orozco Between a Rock and the River," for the symposium Sculpture Between
Object and Image, organized by Howard Lay, Department of the History of
Art, University of Michigan, September 8, 2001
Respondant to the panel "Legacies," composed of presentations by Linda Nochlin,
Griselda Pollock, Lisa Tickner and Yvonne Rainer, in the symposium,
Women Artists at the Millenium, organized by Carol Armstrong at Princeton University, November 9, 2001
Seminar for Venice Utopia, organized by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Stefano Boeri,
Facolta' di Design e Arti, University of Venice, December 11, 2001 and February 1, 2002
Panel discussion with Giancarlo de Carlo, Aldo Bonami, Hans Ulrich Obrist,
Carsten Höller, Sébastien Marot and Stefano Boeri on the occasion of USE Uncertain States of Europe, XX esposizione Internationale, La Triennale di Milano, February 2, 2002
Panel discussion with Peter Galison, Oladélé Bamgboyé, Natasha Sadr Haghighian,
Aaron Betsky, Alexander Horwarth on Museum Architecture and Discourse: a Transdisciplinary Museum? organized by Hans Ulrich Obrist for ARCO, Madrid, February 13, 2002
Discussion with Tamar Garb at the Tate Modern on the occasion of the Matisse and Picasso show there, curated by John Golding et al., June 18, 2002
Discussion with Martha Rosler and Hans Ulrich Obrist, 4. Internationale Sommerakademie, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, August 25, 2002


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Project Pages:

"History of the Suburbs" [a project for Artforum with Hilton Als and Darryl Turner], Artforum, v. XXXI (May 1993), pp. 70-75.
"Thought is Physical: 1. The State of the Projection" [a project with Darryl Turner], Art & Design, v. 11 - Painting in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, edited by David Moos (May-June 1996), pp. 72-75.
[mesostic] for Art That Soars: Kites and Tails by Jackie Matisse (San Diego: Mingei International Museum, 2000), back page.


[with Darryl Turner] Some Gesture Vehement and Lost (June 1994).


The Tempest Essays, a book of essays collecting "What Was an Author?" and "Ready-made Originals" together with the essays from the past five years: "History Without Object," "Last Words," "Limbo," "The Immigrant, "The Tempest" and "The Port of Calls."

Utopia, a book, seminar and exhibition project to be curated with Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Rirkrit Tiravanija. Different exhibition projects will follow,
beginning with Utopia Station at the Venice Biennale 2003. The first book will be published by Thames & Hudson.

"Walking to Work," an essay on the work of Gabriel Orozco for a book published by Hatje Cantz in conjunction with the exhibition at the Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris, fall 2002.

"Without Walls," an essay on the work of Sherrie Levine, Louise Lawler, David Salle and Cindy Sherman for the special number of Artforum dedicated to the 80s and scheduled for the spring of 2003.

"Done," for the Annlee project of Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe, to be published in the spring of 2003.

Course videotape on the work of Marcel Duchamp for the Open University, London,
produced by the BBC.


Benjamin Buchloh, Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Barnard College and Columbia University
David Freedberg, Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University
Robert Herbert, Professor Emeritus, Department of Art, Mount Holyoke College
Linda Nochlin, Professor, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Nancy Troy, Professor of Art History, University of Southern California